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Welcome All Book Lovers

Monday, August 10, 2015

HASH: The Secrets of STARTECH Book 2

HASH: Book 2 The Secrets of Startech

Fugitives from Startech, Jade and Aric follow their map to Dieter Copeland’s house in the backwoods of Rutherford. While in hiding, Dieter teaches them how to connect with their alien metal. But their teacher is keeping his own deep, dark secret—a secret that could affect both their lives.

Aric and Jade grow closer, falling more in love, but being on the run has its drawbacks. When it becomes apparent that Startech will stop at nothing to recover their technology, the pair comes face to face with imminent danger, their fears and the truth behind the company that threatens their existence.

Ultimately, as Jade and Aric fight for their lives, they discover there is only one place they can go... @goodreads 


https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1359486228          5 Stars

This book was awesome and started right where the other one left off. In the first book, we found our main characters, Aric and Jade, running from the Institute that had been taken over from Startech. Dr. Stevens helped them to get away by having a little boat waiting for them and giving them a letter that told them to go to a Mr. Dieter Copeland and he would help them.

They are floating for quite awhile on the sea. Jade is nervous because Em left her as soon as they were free. Em was over-taken with all of the technology she was free to go and explore. When they were in the institute they were kept away from technology, cell phones etc. so they couldn't download things and learn what was going on with them.

Em isn't really a person or Jade's imaginary friend. Em is the alien metal that is attached to her spine, but it showed itself in the form of a friend so as not to freak Em out. Jade says it better:

"Since it was important for me to keep my sanity at the institute, the alien metal had created Em at first because there was damage to the full-potential metal and later, because it knew that I couldn't handle the emotional and intellectual enormity of it's full potential."

Luckily Aric and Jade were picked up by a big boat right before a bad storm. The storm with all of the lightening started causing pain in their metal. This was a very scary experience for Jade to say the least. One of the men fell overboard and Aric saved him. Captain Flynn said they were indebted to them for saving the man. So, for that they dropped them off as close as they could to where Mr. Copeland lived and told them how to go on the bus and how far. They were also good enough not to tell the Startech jerks that were looking for them, where exactly they dropped them off.

When they reach Mr. Copeland they learned things they just could not believe. It seems Mr. Copeland used to be Professor Fitherman and he worked for Startech. He and one other person, his wife, were the only ones to escape from Startech, they killed off all the employees that knew too much. It seems Startech caught a Devourer called Karak that were enemies of Aric's species. They cut it up to see how it worked, this wasn't a bad thing because the Karak killed everything in it's path. The sad thing is there was another alien that came from Aric's home planet of Ceren. He name was Rani and he was trying to find Aric's family that were royalty. He knew there were some bad things in play. Startech killed him as well :( There is more to that story but I don't want to give away too much more.

It also seems there were some other aliens that came down as well and guess what? They worked for Startech!!! Yes, they were bad guy aliens trying to do some shady stuff... keeping mum on that one too.

To sum this up without giving too much more away, the bad aliens from Startech catch up with them, drag them back and try to kill them. That didn't happen, they end up with some good guys coming down from their planet. Okay, one more spoiler... Jade is pregnant. Sooooo.. we will see in the final book if she is able to have the baby and what happens on the planet of Ceren when the civilians find out their King is getting married to a human with a human/alien baby on the way!

I love this trilogy so far. Fin

5 Stars



  1. This is awesome! Thank you so much for the fantastic review of book 1 and 2 in the HASH series. I hope you enjoy book 3 as much as the first two books. I'd like to share your reviews on my social media platform. I hope you don't mind.

    Thank you again
    April M. Reign
    Author of HASH

    1. Thank you so much for your comments. I'm so sorry I didn't see them sooner :) I will be reading the 3rd book next week. Please feel free to share my reviews wherever you would like :)