Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Dead Leaves: 8 Tales From The Witching Season by Kealan Patrick Burke

Two brothers find themselves drawn to the only house in the neighborhood not decorated for Halloween…A man returns to his hometown to bury his overbearing mother, and finds more than memories awaiting him in the shadows of his childhood home…A young girl walks a lonely country road, recalling a rhyme that brings with it memories of death…A teenager hoping for romance gets more than he bargained for when the object of his desire introduces him to the object of hers…An aging millionaire awakes buried in a cheap coffin with only a lamp and a bell for company…The son of a woman accused of being a witch accepts the villagers' peace offering at her funeral, but all is not quite as it seems…A woman with a violent past realizes that this year's Halloween party may be coming for her…and a lonely trick-or-treater awakes in a house rumored to be a place of death.

From Bram Stoker Award-winning author Kealan Patrick Burke comes the second in his series of seasonal collections. Featuring a brand new story "The Toll", a new introduction, and rounded out by the author's recommended Halloween reading and watching lists, DEAD LEAVES makes for the perfect autumnal read. @goodreads 




What an awesome book to start out Oct 1, Woot!

I loved this book. I liked all of the stories but some I loved more than others. They are so creepy, I will never understand how someone can write something so creepy with just a little bit of words :)
The first story is: Someone To Carve The Pumpkins
This one is about brothers Joe and Chuck, they are spying on an old lady sitting on her porch knitting. She knits all of the time, day and late at night......

The second is: Haven

Tommy Marrow comes home to bury his mom. He hasn't been home in years and it seems like he isn't alone....

The third is: How The Night Receives Them

This story is about Carrie.. who is Carrie.. what happened to her... why does she keep walking...

The fourth is: Tonight The Moon Is Ours

Evan, Yvonne and Colm sneak out at night to hang out and smoke in the field. What is it they go see... what happens when they get there...

The fifth is: The Toll

This is about Miles and he might not have been so good in his life or maybe he trusted the wrong people... what is happening to him...

The sixth is: Will You Tell Them I Died Quietly

What in the world did Elias do to his mother Veronica.....
The seventh is: Not While I'm Around

Um.. yeah.. you have Rachel and her husband Bill, but who is Jeff and what has he done in the past and what is he going to do now...

The eight is: The Tradition

All Evelyn wanted was to have friends. She thought Jessica, Alex and Chad were her friends... she thought wrong.. some times though.. a little vengeance is good...

I absolutely loved all of them but I didn't like The Toll as much as the others. I think the author did an awesome job with these stories. All of you spooky readers check this one out! 





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