Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Penmort Castle by Kristen Ashley

Cash Fraser is planning revenge and to get it he needs the perfect woman. So he hires her. Abigail Butler has lost nearly everything in her life and she’s about to lose the home she loves.

Cash meets Abby, who is posing as a paid escort, and the minute he does he knows he’s willing to pay for more than Abby being his pretend girlfriend. A lot more. Abby needs the money or the last thing that links her to her dead family and husband will be gone. The deal is struck but both Cash and Abby get more than they bargained for.

Cash realises very quickly that Abby isn’t what she seems and while he changes strategies, Abby discovers that Cash’s legacy, Penmort Castle, is like all the tales say – very, very haunted. Making matters worse, the ghost in residence wants her dead.

Abby’s found herself in the battle of her life so she enlists Mrs. Truman, her nosy neighbour; Jenny, her no-nonsense friend; Cassandra McNabb, white witch and clairvoyant with a penchant for wearing scarves (and lots of them); and Angus McPherson, dyed-in-the-wool Scot (which means he hunts ghosts in a kilt) to fight the vicious ghost who has vowed that she will rest at nothing to kill the true, abiding love of the master of Penmort.@goodreads



Okay, where do I begin :) So you can read from the blurb that Cash hires Abby as an escort to get some revenge on his uncle. Abby isn't really an escort she just needs money because she's in way over her head and in debt trying to restore her grandmother's home so she can live there.

But Cash adds another proposition to their proposal that she can't turn down, it's a ton of money that will pay off everything and then some. So.... Abby goes a long with this even though she is terrified... at first anyway :)

Right from the start Cash is calling her and telling her what she's going to do for that day or that night. Eventually all of that leads to....


One day when he comes to pick up Abby, her nosy next door neighbor Mrs. Truman comes over and gives him the third degree and later on invites them and Abby's best friend Jenny and her husband to dinner. They are mortified as she is set in her ways and seems crazy as a loon. I didn't like her at first, but then after that night when they all had dinner with her, I fell in love. She's freaking funny as hell.


Upon entering Mrs. Truman's house the night of her party.

"Take off your coats. Give me that wine," she ordered then, for some demented reason, she shouted, "Marco!"
When everyone stood around waiting and nothing happened for a few moments, Jenny leaned toward Abby and asked under her breath, "Are we supposed to say "Polo?"
Abby felt a hysterical giggle start welling up inside her that she managed to tamp down when a young, dark-headed man wearing a white shirt and black trousers appeared.

And of course when Abby and Cash walk back over to her house there is more of this.

Sooo, moving on. Cash takes Abby to visit his relatives at Penmort Castle. This castle is his by right, but some stuff happened that I can't tell you and his uncle, wife and her kids live there. He hates his uncle and all for good reason, but Cash has a plan in place to take over the castle and live there.

There is a story about Penmort Castle. There is an evil spirit named Vivianna Wainwright that killed herself and cursed the place. She kills any woman that comes to the castle that is a true love of the master of the home. It's funny how she never killed Cash's aunt Nicola.. hmmmm....

While they are at the castle, Abby is attacked by Vivianna in the bathroom. The first attempt on Abby's life.

Anyway.. more of this ensues...

Abby tells Jenny about the ghost who in turn tells so and so and so on down the line. Before you know it, there is a whole crew involved in getting rid of the ghost, a witch named Cassandra, a lovely Scottish man who's name I forgot since I didn't write it down, and two of Cash's cousins.

I enjoyed their little talk on the different ways to get rid of a spirit because the author mentions one of my favorite shows in the book, Supernatural! :)

"The first, you find it's mortal remains and burn them," Cassandra replied. "I've seen that on TV, Abbey told her, and she had. That show with two hot brothers, one sensitive, one wise-cracking, both running around burning bones and shooting spirits with shotguns loaded with salt.


Abby doesn't want to tell Cash because she knows he won't believe her, but after they all go over and attempt the first attack, she has to tell him. I mean she's all bruised up and what not. Annnnnnnd, he doesn't believe her.

Finallyyyyy, she talks him into believing and they head out to stay the weekend at the castle and work on new things with the ghost.


Cassandra brings in some ghosts of the families to help them in this battle, which is sweet and sad. She also enlists Abby's cat Zee against Abby's wishes, but he's a huge help and a cutie to boot :)


There is a big show down with the humans and ghosts and they all win, but I won't tell you how they did it or who all was there to help. Some other things were uncovered and settled as well.

Even though I wanted to smack Abby and Cash many times I really did enjoy this book. I loved all of the characters but the one old uncle. They were all well played out in the story, even if you wanted to smack them too, but I digress :)

I'm so glad my crazy GR friends turned me on to this book :) I might not should have used those exact terms but still :) I'm very happen with it and look forward to more of this authors work!






  1. That's pretty cool that the book mentions Supernatural! I love that show.

    1. OMG! I know, can you believe it. It comes on tonight by the way :)

  2. Ha ha. Now I get what you mean when you said she needs a bath to clean her hoohlah on Goodreads! Romance, supernaturals, and fun characters...I will definitely check it out.

    1. LOL, yes I just couldn't say it out loud. I was like ewwwww, wash and change before you go trotting off!