Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Friday, December 23, 2016

City Of Wonders by James A Moore

The third book in the fan-favorite Seven Forges series for all readers of epic fantasy.

Open war rages between the kingdom of Fellein and the Sa’ba Taalor. Refugees seek safety and the leaders on both sides pursue their agendas while ancient forces take notice of the conflict and stir from their slumb@goodreads



Let me just say that all of the book covers in this series are awesome! I have loved every one of them and the last one is even more awesome, but I will get to that later!


He looked at her and winked. "In that tower is a 'queen.'" He frowned for a moment. Not because he was sad, but merely confused by the cultural differences. "For some reason they call their kings by that name when they have breasts. In any event, I must go meet this queen and kill her."

"And that makes you smile?"

Tusk nodded. "Yes, but I smile for a different reason. This queen, she is the protector of the Mother-Vine. That is the god of these people. It is all around us." He gestured and she looked, nodding.

"Yes." She paused a moment. "And?"

"If she must protect her god, either she is a very powerful warrior, or her god is very weak."

Stastha looked at him for a moment and then threw her head back, laughing so hard she could hardly breath.

The Sa'ba Taalor are killing everything in their path. That being said, I still like the Sa'ba Taalor. I guess you just have to read the book to understand.

I'm getting a better understanding of their gods. They do nothing unless their gods ask them to and if I'm not mistaken there are seven different gods.

Andover is still on a mission to meet and get accepted by all of the gods. Delil is on her own mission but she is with Andover along the way. I have a feeling something really EPIC is going to happen with Andover!

Drask is still doing whatever it is his god has asked him to do and I'm excited to find out what that could be AND he better not be killed. Drask seems to be very level headed though, just something about him.

There are some deaths and it was sad but that is the way of it. Right?

The ending gave me a few chills. The Silent Army has risen and what are they going to do? What is everyone going to do? I guess I will find out in the last book!



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