Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Friday, December 16, 2016

Where The Dead Go To Die by Aaron Dries & Mark Allan Gunnells

There are monsters in this world. And they used to be us. Now it's time to euthanize to survive in a hospice where Emily, a woman haunted by her past, only wants to do her job and be the best mother possible.

Euthanize to survive

Post-infection Chicago. Christmas.

Inside The Hospice, Emily and her fellow nurses do their rounds. Here, men and women live out their final days in comfort, segregated from society, and are then humanely terminated before fate turns them into marrow-craving monsters known as ‘Smilers.’ Outside these imposing walls, rabid protesters swarm with signs, caught up in the heat of their hatred.

Emily, a woman haunted by her past, only wants to do her job and be the best mother possible. But in a world where mortality means nothing, where guns are drawn in fear and nobody seems safe anymore – at what cost will this pursuit come? And through it all, the soon to be dead remain silent, ever smiling. Such is their curse.

This emotional, political novel comes from two of horror’s freshest voices, and puts a new spin on an eternal topic: the undead. In the spirit of George A Romero meets Jack Ketchum, Where the Dead Go to Die it is an unforgettable epilogue to the zombie genre, one that will leave you shaken and questioning right from wrong…even when it’s the only right left.

It won't be long before that snow-speckled ground will be salted by blood. @goodreads




FYI: This book is on kindle unlimited right now if anyone is interested.

This is one of the coolest zombie novels I have ever read. It's not a long book at all, I would consider it a novella of sorts.

Sooooo, those that have the zombie virus are put into hospice care in hospital wards. Those that are lucky and have family members etc. that want to do that sort of thing. There are still the few out there that have to get gunned down or try to eat you and stuff. They are called zombies, smilers, or bone-eaters. These zombies like bones, the spine being the most tasty I guess.

Anyhoo, so you have Emily that took a job at one of the facilities as a nurse. She has a little girl named Lucette and a past they ran away from.

Lucette is 12 and goes to school while Emily is at work and she gets off in time to pick her up from school so it all works out. Until the stupid day Lucette does something stupid at school and gets suspended until after the holidays. AND Emily takes her to work with her and tells her to stay in the break room. <--Okay, this is the part to me, where stupid kicks in, you don't take your kids where there are people that will turn into zombies if they are not put down in time. (Now lets back track)

Oh and here is a little picture what was in the kindle version of a smiler and his family member.


So, there are only a few people working at the hospice because . . . . well, do I have to state the obvious?

There is a dude who is a jerk that works there, Mama Metcalf who is in her 70's and is a volunteer (I love her by the way) and the boss lady who's name I just forgot, right this minute, I just forgot it!!!!
There are some other randoms that were not really mentioned too much.

Outside the place you have the protesters that are there every day basically going on about killing the zombies.

Then you have The Crowners - they come in and do the crowning. They are the killers, they take them out when they are at that point of turning.

There is a boy named Robby that is only 12 years old that was dropped off by his parents. They wanted nothing to do with him. And Robby wasn't bitten, he got infected in a horrific way that I will not say in my review. Everyone there tries to make it better for Robby. Emily even lets Lucette visit him - um, NO! <--STUPID ON AISLE FIVE!

So there is a whole story line in the present and past with Emily and there are a few fun times to be had at Christmas and New Year with Emily, Lucette and Mama Metcalf. Then the cray sets in as always.

The Crowners have arrived to take care of another patient. Some nut job from the protestors gets in and kills one of the workers inside. In all of the time wasted with cray cray, the patient (sorry they are called guests) turns and starts eating people. Yeah, but one ole Crowner takes that zombie out with a bullet to the head.

The book has plenty of blood and guts and ewww parts and a hand job which is also ewww because of reasons so it's a little graphic for the youngsters.

I loved the book and that ending! Uggg, I wanted to smack so many people I didn't know where to start first! But all kidding aside I thought the book was an awesome take in the zombie world. 



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