Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Monday, December 26, 2016

The Diary of an Immortal by David J. Castello

THE DIARY OF AN IMMORTAL (1945–1959) is the story of twenty-one-year-old U.S. Army combat medic Steven Ronson, a man who escapes the constant inundation and threat of death in World War Two after he discovers an immortality formula designed for Adolf Hitler during the liberation of the Dachau concentration camp in April of 1945.

Steven begins consuming the immortality formula and, after realizing that aging and death no longer control his life, travels to Manhattan to realize his childhood dream of becoming a jazz saxophonist on 52nd Street. The immortality formula gives him supernatural powers and fantastic musical abilities. His performance catches the attention of a disgraced British missionary and his adopted niece who knew the Buddhist monks in China that have guarded the original formula for thousands of years.

After a series of disturbing and prophetic visions, Steven accepts an invitation from the ex-missionary to journey to Xian. In a mountain monastery outside of the city, Steven discovers the incredible truth about the formula and the monks, and the interstellar origins of Jesus Christ and the human race. But time is running out−the German occultists who helped bring Hitler to power in the 1930s have selected another Aryan messiah, and this time he has the formula. Steven cannot allow the nightmare he experienced in Germany to happen again. @goodreads 



I have said it more than once, but I'm saying it again. "Holy crap on a cracker!"

I got a print copy of this book through Smith Publicity and I thought it sounded different so I gave it a try. I mean the blurb states an immortality drug designed for Adolf Hitler and that was all it took. How cray is that thought?


So the American medic named Steven Ronson was in Germany during World War Two. He and some of his mates go to the concentration camp 'Dachau' and well, find some atrocities as you can well imagine during that time. But he also found some pills and some notes from a doctor talking about them being an immortality drug. Steven decides to snag the whole lot and starts taking them. <--HELLO, who takes some pills from anywhere that you don't even - NEVERMIND!

It turns out they really are immortality drugs and they have a freaking history that goes back thousands of years.

Steven returns home and things happen with the family and he ends up moving away and becoming a sax player. But there are some magical things involved in his playing and other stuff going on and because of this he is found by a man and his niece. They know all about these immortal monks and they want Steven to go with them to meet one of them. I mean they had Steven all figured out and he told them all about his story so.... off they go to China.

Listen ya'll, this book is so out there. I don't even know how author's come up with this stuff. Well, okay so he researched a lot and so forth, but you know what I mean.

This book takes us through a story filled with evil monks, not so evil monks, people hibernating for years on end, monks old enough to have met Jesus, a planet called (Aldebaran that is a star sixty-five light years away), the Dalai Lama, and things that I can't even begin to explain.

The book was just bizarre enough for me to like because I love things that are bizarre. There were some sad things that happened in the book and some happy things, besides all of the weird stuff =) I liked some of the characters and I thought the ending was really good. One part of it was predictable but who cares. I also liked the author's writing style and I didn't get confused. I thought this was going to be one of those confusing books as I'm easily confused. I like repeating words. CONFUSED!

It's funny because I didn't think I would like this book at all for reasons, but when I got to that part it wasn't all that big of a deal and it moved right along so it's all good.

All in all I enjoyed it and it was a nice, weird ending to my 2016 reading schedule!




  1. Holy crap on a cracker!!! Lol...I love that expression. That sounds awesome!! Do you know I have never read a Brandon Sanderson book? I own Steelheart but haven't read it yet, of course. This series sounds so awesome. I put the first one on my TBR when you reviewed it, now I really want to move it to the top! Great review!!! BTW...do you prefer comments here or on Goodreads? Or does it matter?

    1. I don't care one way or the other :-)

      I hope you fall in love with Sanderson as well. I'm going to read all of the books I own of his this year. Okay, I'm going to try to, lol. ♥