Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Agent of Chaos by Kami Garcia

How did Fox Mulder become a believer? How did Dana Scully become a skeptic? The X-Files Origins has the answers.

The X-Files Origins: Agent of Chaos explores the teen years of Fox Mulder, the beloved character depicted in the cult-favorite TV show The X-Files. His story is set in the spring of 1979, when serial murder, the occult, and government conspiracy were highlighted in the news.

The book will follow Mulder as he experiences life-changing events that set him on the path to becoming an FBI agent.

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I loved this book so much. I felt like the author captured a young, Fox Mulder, to a T! I could actually see the older Fox talking in every sentence. =) 

This follows the story of a young Mulder of seventeen. He's living with his father after the disappearance of his sister, Samantha. His parents had issues and they wanted Mulder to go to a different school for his senior year and then off to college.


Mulder has a goofy friend named Gimble that plays D & D and I just loved him. He also has a best friend named Phoebe who comes down to stay with him for a bit.

Mulder's dad is never around, he's always off working government stuff out of town and what not.

Mulder gets all caught up in some disappearances of children. They seem to have disappeared the same way his sister did several years ago. He's obsessed with helping to find them and he brings his friends along for the ride.

Gimble's dad used to work for the military until things . . . now he won't leave the house and he's obsessed with aliens and a book called "Stormbringer." He seems to be really crazy, BUT, he's not and I really liked him!

Phoebe is super smart so it's easy for her to help Mulder who has the photographic memory (I wish I had one of those) and Gimble is a great help too. They get caught up in some major stuff.

Mulder is on the heels of a killer or killers. He's being stalked by some peeps in a black car, one of which we know from the shows. He is going crazy over trying to find out who took his sister. And he made a decision about what he wants to do with his life.

I'm not saying any more because I don't want to spoil it. <-- I say this a lot in my reviews but I have to because that's what I do. Lol Also, there are a lot more things going on in the book that I didn't even hint at so read it and love it!

Anyway, I think anyone that loves the X-Files will enjoy this book even though it's young adult. It's super awesome and I look forward to reading about Scully. 



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