Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Frostblood by Elly Blake

Seventeen-year-old Ruby is a fireblood who must hide her powers of heat and flame from the cruel frostblood ruling class that wants to destroy all that are left of her kind. So when her mother is killed for protecting her and rebel frostbloods demand her help to kill their rampaging king, she agrees. But Ruby's powers are unpredictable, and she's not sure she's willing to let the rebels and an infuriating (yet irresistible) young man called Arcus use her as their weapon.

All she wants is revenge, but before they can take action, Ruby is captured and forced to take part in the king's tournaments that pit fireblood prisoners against frostblood champions. Now she has only one chance to destroy the maniacal ruler who has taken everything from her and from the icy young man she has come to love.

Fast-paced and compelling, Frostblood is the first in a page-turning new young adult three-book series about a world where flame and ice are mortal enemies—but together create a power that could change everything. @goodreads 



Fire Meets Frost!

Ruby is a fireblood that her mother has tried to keep hidden because firebloods are being killed out by the frostbloods, at least the evil ones. She's very powerful but can't control her power as no one has trained her . . . until

Arcus is a frostblood and he's also very powerful. He is also something else that I can't tell you about, you have to read the book. He saves Ruby from a prison she was taken to when they evil ones found her. They killed her mother, she wants King Rasmus to die!

Arcus takes Ruby back to the Abbey where she meets some wonderful people. One being Brother Thistle. They want to train her to use her fire and control it. Brother Thistle and Arcus have their work cut out for them but it mostly works out in the end. They want to help her be able to take down King Rasmus.

Until Ruby is captured by the King's minions and brought back to his castle to fight in his pits. She is set up against people, animals, frostblood's. She hopes to be able to kill the king but will her plan every come into play? Maybe, maybe not, there is something else about the king . . . he's not quite right. Will Ruby with the help of Arcus be able to defeat the darkness. You shall see, when you read it!

I enjoyed the book. I love Arcus, he's my frost king =) There were a few things in the book that made me want to smack Ruby but it was still good. Sometimes it seemed like she could have used her powers before getting caught. Either way, it worked out good enough for me.

I will leave you with a funny little EXCERPT:

"How did you find me?"

He unclenched his jaw to answer. " When Wheatgerm returned to the stables, I followed her tracks until they disappeared. And then I heard someone bellowing nonsense, and I knew it must be you."

"Who the blazes is Wheatgerm?"

"The horse you stole from the abbey," he said as if talking to a simpleton.

"You mean Butter. And I didn't steal her. I borrowed her. I take it she's safe?"

"Cold and tired, but safe in the stables eating like she's half starved. Which she probably is, thanks to you. And her name isn't Butter."

"It is now."

"She's not yours to name."

"She's mine in spirit now that we've had an adventure together. And her name suits her. She's soft and yellow, like butter."

He made a disgusted sound. "If we all had names to suit us, you'd be called Thorn in My Backside. Or Plague of the Gods."

I prickled at his scathing tone. "And you'd be Miserable Blockhead."

"Is that the best you could do?"

"Give me time. I'm half frozen."

I just love Ruby and Arcus! ❤




  1. I can't help but think of Red Queen when I hear of this... Glad you liked it! :)

    Lauren @ Always Me

  2. This sounds interesting. Really like the title! Thank you for reviewing it :)

  3. Great review Melissa! Ohh my I really like the banter that Ruby and Arcus have. I must check this book out! Thank you for the awesome post Melissa.

  4. Thank you my friends :-) I loved it but some people love or hate it. It's not like Red Queen I didn't really like Red Queen and couldn't stand the second one so hopefully the second book in this series won't turn out that way :-)

  5. I loved this one! Not the most unique, but s ever enjoyable. I'm glad you liked it also.