Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Too-Clever Fox by Leigh Bardugo

In Ravka, just because you avoid one trap, it doesn't mean you'll escape the next. This story is a companion folk tale to Leigh Bardugo’s upcoming novel, Siege and Storm, the second book in the Grisha Trilogy. @goodreads 



5 Stars for the brilliant cover

I'm iffy about the story because I despise hunters so I left it at a three because I loved the tales within the story =)

Fall fox:

Koja's mom wanted to kill him at birth because he wasn't a pretty little fox at all and he was a runt.

↑ Unlike our sweet little fox picture above!

Koja seemed to always get out of sticky situations. He even befriended the great bear, Ivan Gostov, who had wanted to eat him at one time but became friends with Koja instead.

Koja was friends with many of the animals in the forest even though they thought he was ugly. His best friend seemed to be the nightingale, Lula.

One day Koja noticed his friends started missing. He sent Lula to investigate and found out there was a terrible hunter in town. Lev Jurek, the great hunter, was in town with his sister, Sofiya.

I must stay I saw that ending coming a mile away and Koja thought he was too clever for his own good. But, the end game was lovely, oh so lovely. =)




  1. Great review! I’ve never read the Grisha books, but that cover is epic. The fox photo is cute, too.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. I love that cover on the book! I have the Grisha Trilogy but haven't read them yet. So many books. lol