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Welcome All Book Lovers

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Les MIserables by Victor Hugo

Introducing one of the most famous characters in literature, Jean Valjean—the noble peasant imprisoned for stealing a loaf of bread—Les Misérables ranks among the greatest novels of all time. In it, Victor Hugo takes readers deep into the Parisian underworld, immerses them in a battle between good and evil, and carries them to the barricades during the uprising of 1832 with a breathtaking realism that is unsurpassed in modern prose. Within his dramatic story are themes that capture the intellect and the emotions: crime and punishment, the relentless persecution of Valjean by Inspector Javert, the desperation of the prostitute Fantine, the amorality of the rogue Thénardier, and the universal desire to escape the prisons of our own minds. Les Misérables gave Victor Hugo a canvas upon which he portrayed his criticism of the French political and judicial systems, but the portrait that resulted is larger than life, epic in scope—an extravagant spectacle that dazzles the senses even as it touches the heart. @goodreads 



I'm in the minority unfortunately. I thought the book was okay. I was hoping it would blow my mind and be a favorite like The Count Of Monte Cristo, as I was afraid of that book too, but alas, it was not =(


I might as well put the ole spoilers tag up on here! Oh and even though Jean's name will be changed in the book, I'm sticking with Jean so I won't get all messed up!



1)An Upright Man
2) The Fall
3) In The Year 1817
4) To Trust Is Sometimes To Surrender
5) The Descent
6) Javert
7) The Champmathieu Affair
8) Counter-Stroke

I worry at times when reading classic books because I feel I won't understand a lot of them. And some I haven't. Come to think of it, I have read books that aren't classic and never understood them and still loved them. I'm strange, I know.

I felt the same way when I went into The Count of Monte Cristo. I was so worried I wouldn't get it enough to like it and uh, it's one of my favorite books to date!

Les Mis has given me some trouble during the first of the book. I have felt like I'm not going to like it too much and then there would be parts that I just loved. So we shall see when I finish it awhile from now.

I really liked M. Myriel, he was a very nice man. I mean just because he's a man of the cloth doesn't mean he will be nice but he was and I loved him. It was sad when he died.

Jean Valjean was a prisoner of 19 years for stealing a loaf of bread to try to feed his sister and her seven children. They don't care if people or kids starve to death and going to jail for 19 years. Wow! Jean only heard of news one time of his sister and the youngest child working and going to school. No one knows what became of the rest of the children.


After the 19 years Jean was let out on parole. He couldn't find a place to take him in for the night and feed him. He had money but they didn't want a criminal in their inns. But he came upon M. Myriel who was a Bishop at the church. (if I have it all correctly) He let Jean have a bed for the first time in years, gave him food and was very kind to him. In turn, Jean stole away in the night with the silverware. But being the kind man M. Myriel was he didn't press charges when the coppers dragged Jean back. He did tell something to Jean that made him change his ways.

The bishop approached him and said, in a low voice. "Do not forget, ever, that you have promised me to use this silver to become an honest man.

Jean Valjean, who had no recollection of any such promise, stood dumbfounded. The bishop had stressed these words as he spoke them. He continued, solemnly, "Jean Valjean, my brother, you no longer belong to evil, but to good. It is your soul I am buying from you. I withdraw it from dark thoughts and from the spirit of perdition, and I give it to God!"

Jean was a changed man after this and it was good.

Next is the story of Fantine. This broke my heart! Fantine and some of her so called friends had suitors and they all thought they were going to be together and get married, all of the wonderful things. But it was not so. The men left the woman with nothing. Fantine was left with child and her so called friends all went separate ways.

Fantine had to leave little Cosette at a home until she got enough money to get her. The home was a fake and they were rude and horrible people. Fantine sent them money to keep Cosette. Year after year she sent money. She worked for Jean who had a different name and owned a business. Sadly for Fantine she was fired because of some jerk workers and Jean never knew about it.

Fantine was forced to sale her hair, some of her teeth and become a whore so Cosette would be okay.


One day Fantine was taken to jail for scratching a jerk man. Jean found her there and took her to the hospital. He saved her from being put in prison, but unfortunately she had a disease and would not live. He made a promise to find Cosette. It was so very sad that she had to live the life she did and never see her daughter ever again. She was thrown away........


1) Waterloo
2) The Ship Orion
3) Fulfillment Of The Promise Made To The Departed
4) The Old Gorbeau House
5) A Dark Chase Requires A Silent Hound
6) Petit-Picpus
7) Cemeteries Take What Is Given Them

Soooooooooooooooo, I wasn't feeling this one as much until it got to Jean & Cosette.

Jean found Cosette carrying a heavy water bucket and asked her many questions. He found out she was the girl she promised Fantine he would take care of, her daughter.


Jean watched how the couple were treating Cosette because he was staying at their Inn. He as livid and so was I at the way Cosette was treated. Jean told them he was taking her away with him, paid them money (overcharged) for his stay there. Oh, and I loved when he went out and bought her a most expensive doll for her alone because only the owners two daughters got toys to play with, it was so bitter sweet.

They stayed on the run for a time. Jean was always on the run on and off as he's always wanted. He can never shake that freaking, Javert.

Jean and Cosette ending up staying with a man Jean had saved awhile back. Jean worked in the little garden.

Jean, who had lost all thoughts of loving anything when he was in prison. He was a hard man with no love, no anything. But then he felt a spark that grew and grew for Cosette, his daughter, for that's what she became. So sweet.

His whole heart melted in gratitude and he loved more and more.
Several years went by like this. Cosette was growing up.


Unfortunately, I'm not liking this book as much as I would have hoped. I love the parts with Jean and Cosette and hope that there will be more and I will at least love it just enough.

*The rest of the sections and books in the book I was reading.*


1) Paris Atomized
2) The Grand Bourgeois
3) The Grandfather And The Grandson
4) The Friends Of The ABC
5) The Excellence Of Misfortune
6) The Conjunction of Two Stars
7) Patron-Minette
8) The Noxious Poor

Saint-Denis And Idyll Of The Rue Plumet

1) A Few Pages Of History
2) Eponine
3) The House On The Rue Plumet
4) Aid From Below Or From Above
5) An End Unlike The Beginning
6) Little Gavroche
7) Argot
8) Enchantments And Desolations
9) Where Are They Going?
10) June 5, 1832
11) The Atom Fraternizes With The Hurricane
12) Corinth
13) Marius Enters The Shadow
14) The Grandeur Of Despair
15) The Rue De L'Homme-Arme

Jean Valjean

1) War Between Four Walls
2) The Intestine Of Leviathan
3) Much, But Soul
4) Javert Off The Track
5) Grandson And Grandfather
6) The White Night
7) The Last Drop In The Chalice
8) The Twilight Waning
9) Supreme Shadow, Supreme Dawn

Selected Bibliography

The story continues on with Cosette growing up, finding Marius and love. A revolution. Javert still on Jean's trail. The marriage of Cosette and Marius. And the deaths of Javert and Jean.

The book did bring some tears to my eyes.

It was really sweet with Cosette and Marius. They were made for each other. Even though Jean wasn't too happy about it, he did save Marius in the end so he would live for Cosette.


Javert finally gave up. Jean had saved him from death and Javert threatened once again to kill him, but alas it was his own life he took. He was just tired.....

Jean was on his deathbed when Cosette and Marius found him. He was so happy to see his daughter and Marius. Jean had an angel watching over him and he went peacefully.


Jean, you were a most wonderful man!


The night was starless and very dark. Without any doubt, in the gloom, some mighty angel was standing, with outstretched wings, waiting for the soul.



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