Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Poison's Kiss by Breeana Shields

A teenage assassin kills with a single kiss until she is ordered to kill the one boy she loves. This commercial YA fantasy is romantic and addictive like-- a poison kiss-- and will thrill fans of Sarah J. Maas and Victoria Aveyard.

Marinda has kissed dozens of boys. They all die afterward. It's a miserable life, but being a visha kanya, a poison maiden, is what she was created to do. Marinda serves the Raja by dispatching his enemies with only her lips as a weapon.

Until now, the men she was ordered to kiss have been strangers, enemies of the kingdom. Then she receives orders to kiss Deven, a boy she knows too well to be convinced he needs to die. She begins to question who she s really working for. And that is a thread that, once pulled, will unravel more than she can afford to lose.

This rich, surprising, and accessible debut is based in Indian folklore and delivers a story that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. @goodreads 



I loved this book.


It won't happen right away. The poison will take some time to absorb into his skin where my lips brushed against his, to find its way into his blood-stream. To destroy him.

In one hour, his skin will heat. I can picture him taking off his black jacket, tugging at his yellow shirt, fanning himself with a newspaper. In two hours his nose will begin to run and his stomach will roil. In three hours his chest will tighten, his pupils will constrict, he will feel like he is being squeezed in the jaws of a giant snake. He won't be entirely wrong. In four hours he will have lost control of most of his bodily functions. H will drool. He will soil himself. He will lose his dignity. In five hours he will stop breathing.

I hope whatever he did to deserve this fate was truly horrible. Because in six hours my guilt will be almost too much to bear.

Marinda is not a bad person. She thinks she is doing good in the world by assassinating evil people. She is a visha kanya, a poison maiden who kills only with her kiss. Her handler is an evil man named Gopal who turned her into this at a young age, it actually took 10 years but I won't tell you what all was done to her.

Marinda has a little brother named Mani and she will do anything to protect him. If she doesn't do everything Gopal says, he may hurt Mani. There are some other characters that help with these plans but I didn't really care for them.

Marinda works part-time in a bookstore <-- yay, even though she doesn't have to, but she wants a somewhat normal life. This is where she means the sweet love interest, Deven. They are finding a friendship and he's great with Mani. Until the day comes when she is asked to kill him.

Yeah, noooo. Marinda realizes something isn't right because they only kill evil people and Deven isn't evil. We then enter the quest of revelation after revelation. Lies and deception and the race to save everyone.

I just loved this book and I look forward to the next one. This is one of those books that people either love or hate, at least from the reviews. I'm a lover =) 




  1. I received this book last week in Celebrate Books Box, I'm so excited after this review!

    1. Yay! I hope you like it! I will have to look and see what that box is about. I had to cancel my Owlcrate for now because they are too expensive =(