Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Monday, June 5, 2017

Kings Of The Wyld by Nicholas Eames


Clay Cooper and his band were once the best of the best -- the meanest, dirtiest, most feared crew of mercenaries this side of the Heartwyld.

Their glory days long past, the mercs have grown apart and grown old, fat, drunk - or a combination of the three. Then an ex-bandmate turns up at Clay's door with a plea for help. His daughter Rose is trapped in a city besieged by an enemy one hundred thousand strong and hungry for blood. Rescuing Rose is the kind of mission that only the very brave or the very stupid would sign up for.

It's time to get the band back together for one last tour across the Wyld. @goodreads 

Epic Buddy Read with about a million friends and some other peeps over at "Fantasy Buddy Reads" Yay! One being my lovely friend, Luna =)

This book freaking rocks!

What can I even say? You can read the tons of glowing reviews about this book. They are all true!

These mercenaries were the it band back in the day. Now they are old, most of them settled down with a kid or kids, and haven't really gotten together in awhile.

Clay has plans with his wife and little girl until Gabriel comes to his door asking for Clay's help. FYI: Clay's little girl, Tally is precious and pretty bad to the bone we find out later.

Anyhoo, Gabe wants to get the band back together to help him save his daughter Rose who is off in a bad place to fight in a war.

Rose is pretty bad @ssed herself as she grew up fighting. She even brought down a cyclops all by herself. And Gabe trying to explain it to Clay was just classic.

"And then came the cyclops."


Gabriel looked at him askance. "Big bastards, one huge eye right here on their head?"

Clay leveled a glare of his own. "I know what a cyclops is, asshole."

"Then why did you ask:"

"I didn't. . ." Clay faltered. "Never mind. What about the cyclops?"

I could put so many excerpts in this review but I won't.

Clay tells Gab no at first but when he's putting Tally to bed she makes him do it. She's so precious. I already said that. Clay was so afraid of leaving his wife and Tally but he did. They can hold their own and he hopes to see them again.

Clay finds Gab and off they go to get the rest of the dudes and some other stuff but you can read the book.

They get Moog first, he's a wizard and has a freak store. Don't ask. He's freaking hilarious though. Clay and Moog are my favorites even though I love them all.

Then there is Matrick who is a king now but goes with them. Another funny story about that.

And then Ganelon. I think I got them all. Anyway, they meet all kinds of bandits, monsters and weird people along the way. The spiders the size of dogs I would not like at all, although there are cannibals and other kinds of monsters and ogres etc. But those spiders, no, just no.

Oh and they hope they don't get the rot while out in the Wyldwood. That is self-explanatory. Moog has been looking for a cure for years and I won't tell you if he finally finds it or not =)

These guys go through hell and back. I'm not going to say if anyone dies or what happens after. I just wonder what the next book is going to be about after that epilogue. I'm sure the author will think of something =)

There are references to rock bands in the book that is so different and cool. The book is just all around awesome and I highly recommend it to all fantasy lovers!