Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli

Seventeen-year-old Molly Peskin-Suso knows all about unrequited love—she’s lived through it twenty-six times. She crushes hard and crushes often, but always in secret. Because no matter how many times her twin sister, Cassie, tells her to woman up, Molly can’t stomach the idea of rejection. So she’s careful. Fat girls always have to be careful.

Then a cute new girl enters Cassie’s orbit, and for the first time ever, Molly’s cynical twin is a lovesick mess. Meanwhile, Molly’s totally not dying of loneliness—except for the part where she is. Luckily, Cassie’s new girlfriend comes with a cute hipster-boy sidekick. Will is funny and flirtatious and just might be perfect crush material. Maybe more than crush material. And if Molly can win him over, she’ll get her first kiss and she’ll get her twin back.

There’s only one problem: Molly’s coworker Reid. He’s an awkward Tolkien superfan with a season pass to the Ren Faire, and there’s absolutely no way Molly could fall for him. Right? @goodreads 

♥ My April Owlcrate ♥


I'm on the toilet at the 9:30 Club, and I'm wondering how mermaids pee.

This isn't random. There's a mermaid Barbie attached to the door of the bathroom here. Which is a pretty odd choice for a bathroom mascot. If that's even a thing. Bathroom mascots.

This book had me at those first few lines and yes I'm weird and NO, I don't care. I loved this book so much =)

When I first read the summary of this book, I thought I probably won't like it. Then I got it in my Owlcrate and said well, I should probably read it. Then I saw it was by the same author who wrote, "Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda" which I loved and I thought I'm just going to LOVE this book. And guess what? I did! =)

I love when I get these young adult books that make me feel all good inside. I love them like fresh baked chocolate chip cookies!

This book had me laughing out loud so hard and I really needed that, although, laughing so hard when not feeling good with a tummy ache isn't the best thing. =)

I wanted to put like a million excerpts in this review but there are just too many of them!

I am in love with most of the characters in the book. How can you not love them? I mean there are a couple of jerks here and there but they aren't really important.

Molly and Cassie are twin sisters and their parents are two women that are the freaking coolest moms ever! They also have a little brother named Xavier. He's still a tot but Molly and Cassie are seventeen.

The girls end up meeting a girl named Mina who is super nice and she ends up being Cassie's girlfriend.

Then Molly meets a boy named Reid at her new job and they eventually get together. It's all so terribly sweet and funny.

Molly gave both of them nicknames:

Mina of the Labia
Middle Earth Reid

You have to read the book to find out how they got these names.

They have a cray grandma too. You have to read about her to get what I'm talking about.

This book is full of so much stuff.

Same sex marriage
Body issues/weight
Mental health issues
Old ladies that hit people in their cars and then cuss said person out
Little peens
All kinds of references to things/shows, etc

I know I'm leaving tons of stuff out but you get the drift.

I'm so happy with this book. I will read this many times. This book IS my fresh baked chocolate chip cookie =) ♥




  1. I want to read this book so much. I’m on a waiting list for it, but I want it now. I’m glad you liked it.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. I hope you love it too and get it soon =)

  2. I can't wait for this one so yay for it getting five stars!