Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Storm Front (Dresden Files Book One) by Jim Butcher

Harry Dresden -- Wizard

Lost items found. Paranormal Investigations.
Consulting. Advice. Reasonable Rates.
No Love Potions, Endless Purses, or
Other Entertainment.

Harry Dresden is the best at what he does. Well, technically, he’s the only at what he does. So when the Chicago P.D. has a case that transcends mortal creativity or capability, they come to him for answers. For the “everyday” world is actually full of strange and magical things — and most of them don’t play well with humans. That’s where Harry comes in. Takes a wizard to catch a — well, whatever.

There’s just one problem. Business, to put it mildly, stinks. So when the police bring him in to consult on a grisly double murder committed with black magic, Harry’s seeing dollar signs. But where there’s black magic, there’s a black mage behind it. And now that mage knows Harry’s name. And that’s when things start to get… interesting.

Magic. It can get a guy killed. @ goodreads



This is the first time I have read a Harry Dresden book and I love it! I'm so glad for my friends at goodreads for bringing me into his world.

I had no idea Harry was so freaking funny! And the cast of characters in this book were great. The bad guys sucked of course. I loved Mac, the bartender. He made me think of a quiet-ish Andre the Giant :) I loved Toot-Toot, the funny little faerie. I wish he was in the book more but hopefully I will get to see him in more books. I could just order a pizza and he might show up :) Mister is a no brainer because I love animals and he's a cool cat! Then there is Bob, who could not resist Bob the talking skull :) I'm not sure what kind of creature lived inside, I may have missed that part but once in awhile Harry would let him out, but not so much because he seemed to like to hang out at the sorority's and cause trouble!

So, someone is going around killing people with black magic and Harry must find out who is doing this because so many people are blaming him for it.

The story is really good and didn't drag for me at any point. There is too much craziness and action going on for that. I look forward to reading the other books in the series up to date.

  4 Stars 

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