Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Shuddering by Ania Ahlborn

They only come when it snows, and nobody ever gets away. A group of close friends gathers at a secluded cabin in the wintry mountains of Colorado for a final holiday hurrah. Instead, it may be their last stand. First a massive blizzard leaves them marooned. Then the more chilling realization: something is lurking in the woods, watching them, waiting? Now a weekend of family, friends, and fun has turned into a test of love and loyalty in the face of inhuman horrors. The only hope for those huddled inside is to fight - tooth and nail, bullet and blade - for their lives. Otherwise, they'll end up like the monsters' other victims: bright pools of blood on glittering snow, screams lost in the vast mountains. @ goodreads



Read from May 08 to 09, 2015

I really loved the monsters in this book. They were so creepy and I would like to know more about them. I think this would make a great B movie or graphic novel just so I can see the creatures :)

The people got on my last nerve and I didn't much care for the ending. I wanted to see Oona walk off into the sunset all happy and going home!

I loved this was set in a cabin, or should I say an estate sized cabin, in the woods in the middle of no where with all the snow! And then you add in the creepy creatures!

The people, meh, not so much. I think Lauren is the only one I really liked a lot. Ryan wasn't so bad and I loved Oona the best. But this thing with Jane, Sawyer and April, that got right on my nerves. I was actually glad the person who got killed first was the one to go :)

There are people that say this reads like a B movie and I have to totally agree with them. I thought I was watching one of my crazy movies!

I think horror buffs would love this if not only for the creatures, they are amazing, and Oona of course.


3 Stars

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