Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Black Widow ~ Forever Red by Margaret Stohl

Enter the world of the Avengers’ iconic master spy…

Natasha Romanoff is one of the world’s most lethal assassins. Trained from a young age in the arts of death and deception, Natasha was given the title of Black Widow by Ivan Somodorov, her brutal teacher at the Red Room, Moscow’s infamous academy for operatives.

Ava Orlova is just trying to fit in as an average Brooklyn teenager, but her life has been anything but average.The daughter of a missing Russian quantum physicist, Ava was once subjected to a series of ruthless military experiments—until she was rescued by Black Widow and placed under S.H.I.E.L.D. protection. Ava has always longed to reconnect with her mysterious savior, but Black Widow isn’t really the big sister type.

Until now.

When children all over Eastern Europe begin to go missing, and rumors of smuggled Red Room tech light up the dark net, Natasha suspects her old teacher has returned—and that Ava Orlova might be the only one who can stop him. To defeat the madman who threatens their future, Natasha and Ava must unravel their pasts. Only then will they discover the truth about the dark-eyed boy with an hourglass tattoo who haunts Ava’s dreams…

Black Widow: Forever Red features all the heart-pounding adventure readers expect from Marvel, written by #1 New York Times best-selling author Margaret Stohl. Uncover a new side of the Marvel Universe that will thrill loyal fans and newcomers alike, as Stohl reveals the untold story of Black Widow for the very first time. @goodreads 



I loved this book I got it from the library but I'm buying it after this review!


The Black Widow is very deadly... --->EXCERPT<---

She sighed. "Knock-knock, Ivan. "Who's there? S.H.I.E.L.D."
He looked at her blankly. "I don't get it."
Natasha punched him in the face as hard as she could.
As he went flying back, she rubbed her fist. "Sorry. It's more of a punch than line."



When I first started reading the book, it seemed that the Black Widow was taking the backseat, it was more focused on the kids in the book and she would come in here and there. BUT<---- All of this is for a reason and she is in it when the time comes and she's in the whole more than half the ending of the book. Either way, the whole story line rocks!

Here's how it goes:

1. There is a jerk named Ivan Somodorov who is evil.
2. There is a little girl named Ava Orlova who Natasha (B Widow) saves from said evil jerk.
3. Ava doesn't see Natasha until many years later even though she promised she would be there.
4. There is a dude named Alex Manor that said girl Ava has been dreaming about (like premonitions)
5. Tony Stark helps this trio out, now with the beat em up stuff but with the tech stuff.

So, Natasha saves this little girl Ava from the bad man Ivan and thinks she kills him at the same time. That was the prime directive of S.H.I.E.L.D. was to take him out. He did experiments on children, even Natasha when she was young. I won't say what all he did or was trying to accomplish but it's not good as villains usually don't do good.

Years later when Ava is a teenager, she runs away from S.H.I.E.L.D, who had her in protective captivity and is now living homeless. She keeps having these dreams about this boy Alex and they are bizarre because they are so vivid and real and she finds out so is he! They meet at a fencing convention. It's mind blowing when I finally read what those dreams were about! Sorry.. got off track... so the two kids meet at the convention and they also meet Natasha. Ava is ticked off of course since she hadn't seen Natasha since she was a kid and felt like she could trust no one in the world with their promises. But, that's all whole other story. So.. Ava and Natasha are talking about things, Alex bursts into the fray and then they all start getting shot at.. lovely. Natasha, being the Widow gets them out of dodge and heads on over to see Stark. The thing is... the old evil dude (Ivan) he isn't dead --->of course<--- and he's after Ava .....soooooooo... I'm not telling you why but Stark tries helping them out with this little problem (that I can't tell you) ... and let's just go ahead and add some excerpts!


Natasha nodded. "Ava, Alex, this is Tony Stark."
"Look. It's a small human. Hello, small human." He waved, and Ava froze. She couldn't help it. Like everyone else, she'd heard the sound bites from Tony Stark of Iron Man fame-of Stark Industries fame-of tabloid and headlines and fast cars and fast everything fame. Even when the only channel she had was C-SPAN.
"Hi, Mr.--Iron--Stark."

Natasha was silent and focused, but Tony talked as he worked. "Walk me through it again. Your not-so-dead long-lost Red Roomie shows up in Panama City. Your afraid he'll try to tangle with Natasha Junior, here."
Ava coughed. "Excuse me?"
"So you circle the wagons, pick up Mini-Me, take out Ivan's welcome party, hop on Coulson's good ship Lollipop, and hitch a ride to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s doorstep."

Anyhoo... they are all hanging out with Tony, the kids are supposedly sleeping, but escaping. Let me just say they have some powers too.. They go back to where it all began, find out some messed up stuff, some really sweet stuff, some sad stuff, Natasha shows up (because she's Black Widow) they put more pieces together and set out to stop evil Ivan from hurting more kids, fight a bunch of dudes, some more sad stuff happens, and .... I'm not saying any more :-)

I was really sad at one part though, really, really sad :-(


I cried - don't judge me! But yeah, it seems like when something really good happens, then is all turns to shite!

Either way, I loved the book, I'm buying the book, I love the cover and I want more of these books!





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