Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Dragon Apocalypse (The Berserker And The Pendant Book Two) by Josh Powell

On their way to apprehend a temple thief, Gurken Stonebiter, a templerager of the temple of Durstin Firebeard, and Pellonia, a little, but infuriatingly clever, girl stumble onto a quest to save a town from an evil dragon. The dragon is demanding sacrifices of maidens, and the town is fresh out. Can they discover a way to sate the dragon's bloodlust and save the town?

Along the way, Gurken and Pellonia meet up with Maximina, a half under-elven woman that also happens to be a tad psychic, a ranger with a dash of necromantic ability, a smidgen of samurai training, and just enough time living as a rogue to acquire the ability to sneak up on and stab a foe in the back. Maximina is full of clever ideas on how to gain a tactical advantage over her foes, and on occasion they even work.

During their adventures, Gurken, Pellonia, and Maximina face a snarky unicorn, do battle with a terrible frost giant, contend with a rival adventuring party bent on their utter humiliation, and confront the end of the world in the form of an evil sorcerer and a teeming dragon horde. Can they save the world one more time? @goodreads



*I would like to thank the author for a print copy of the sequel in exchange for my honest review*

OMG! The gang is back and still hilarious, only this time they have some new characters! And it's better than the first book!

Gurken Stonebiter and Pellonia is now joined by an elf named Maximina Nobility, a dragon, a baby dragon, a sarcastic unicorn, and Arthur is also back but he went over to the dark side for a bit. I HAVE to add some excerpts because they are just classic.


"Templerager of the Stonebiter clan?"
"Avatar of Durstin Firebeard?"
"Aye. It seems that you know me, wizard. What of it?"
"We've been looking for you." The wizard hissed, his tone changing. The wizard smiled, his tongue sticking out slightly between his teeth. Gurken saw it was no tongue. It was a pink tentacle writhing across the wizards teeth. "And now you have no magic and I have your axe. I am the bearer of the Eye of Venka and you're at MY mercy."
At that, the wizards brownish eye turned entirely red and protruded from it's socket. A red haze seeped from around the eye as it glowed and pulsed. The wizard raised his staff and the ground trembled. Smoke spewed from the end of the staff, circling up and around the wizard's head. Lightening crackled. Thunder boomed. He laughed a deep, echoing laugh.
Gurken flicked a dart into the wizard's eye and walked over, retrieved his axe from the corpse and walked off. "Phage," Gurken said, shaking his head.

I love all of these characters, the new ones that are added are so much fun. I love the somewhat sarcastic unicorn too!


"I know anger pony," Gurken interjected, "and that dragon isn't angry." Gurken glared at the unicorn.
The unicorn stomped its front hoof on the ground several times and blew air out it's nose. The unicorn said quietly, "Fine, she's not angry. She's not going to eat anyone. Can we talk about this somewhere else? People are watching."


Okay, Okay, I have to do one more because I can't stand it! :-)


Gurken pulled out an axe loaned to him from the dragon's hoard and used the tip to draw a line in the snow. He pointed the axe up at the giant and growled quite loudly so the giant could hear.
"Linije u pijesku, ti mi preti?" the frost giant responded.
"Yes, I do believe you understand," Gurken said. He then pounded the axe against his chest and stepped over the line, to indicate his desire to cross the wall he had previously drawn.
As Gurken stepped over the line in the proverbial sand, Pellonia said, "Oh, no." Maximina's eyes grew wide in fear and she rummaged around in her magical sack.
The frost giant's eyes grew wide in anger and he sneered at Gurken.
"Kano se usudujes me threanted!" the giant bellowed. He crouched over and screamed at Gurken, who stood there quite confused.
"Is that a yes? We can cross?" Gurken asked.
The giant pulled back a leg twice Gurken's height, and kicked the dwarf. Gurken flew up, sailing along the winter breeze. Pellonia and Maximina watching him fly overhead and out of site.

I can just see him flying in the sky over their heads and I laughed and laughed. And there is so many more hysterical moments!

This time Arthur has turned bad and I can't tell you why. Some of the other people in the first book have turned bad too, but I can't tell you why either! :-) So, the gang are trying to figure out how to go on a quest for the Sphere of Annihilation while trying to stop the end of the world and getting Arthur back to his normal self. All of these things are not easy for the gang, and yay, there is going to be another book!!! I'm really enjoying the antics and what not of this little group.

I recommend to anyone that would like to read a funny, fantasy novel that does have an end story but takes you on a comical ride while getting there!





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