Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Hadean: Threshold of Extinction by Linda Andrews

Our food isn't killing us; it's changing us, turning us into killers.

For decades scientists have used viruses and bacteria to insert rogue genetic code into our food. Now human DNA is mutating. Switches are being flipped. Some will commit suicide; others will become homicidal maniacs.

One family.

A mother in the custody battle of her life.
A college graduate whose experiment foreshadows a grisly future
A teen whose final exam won't be in English but in survival

Separated by miles.
Desperate to reunite.

When all hell breaks loose, every block is a gauntlet. @goodreads



This book has a whole new take on the apocalypse!

The book starts with Ellen having it out with her crazy ex-husband and his honey on the side. He is getting the kids for his time and supposed to take them school. After all of this crap goes down with him and he finally leaves with the kids, some weird stuff starts happening and Ellen and her neighbor Andrew are suddenly shut up in her house trying to figure out what is going on. i mean the neighbor across the street comes home and shoots up everyone. So that's the only spoiler.

The story has three different, or maybe it was four, anyhoo, three different tales of different people and they are all connected in family way. In one they are in a lab and are discussing the rats they are testing food on, finding out the rats are getting mutated and stuff going on with them.

Next thing we know, it's in the freaking food and it makes you into an angry person that goes around attacking people or get in a mob with a bunch of other people and attack other people!



I should really look into eating better, I mean I want to anyway, but after reading the book I really do!


So all of these different groups have to get through people and try to find their kids and family members, meanwhile... said crazy people <---- are trying to bite, kick, beat, stab, shoot, catch you on fire, whatever.. just kill you! It's like they all have rabies. Food rabies!

I think the book has a great concept going. It also has blood and gore in some parts for those that are partial :-)

I received this book in exchange for my honest review.





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