Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Friday, September 2, 2016

Change Places With Me by Lois Metzger

Rose has changed. She still lives in the same neighborhood and goes to the same high school with the same group of kids, but when she woke up today, something was a little different. Her clothes and hair don’t suit her anymore. The dogs who live upstairs are no longer a terror. She wants to throw a party—this from a girl who hardly ever spoke to her classmates before. There’s no more sadness in her life; she’s bursting with happiness.

But something still feels wrong to Rose. Because until very recently, she was an entirely different person—a person who’s still there inside her, just beneath the thinnest layer of skin. @goodreads



I really don't know what I thought this book was going to be about, but it wasn't anything like I was thinking. Thank goodness it was a short book because I had to figure out what was going on!

She woke.
And for a split second saw nothing but a cloud of red light.
Where am I? She could use one of those maps with an X, like at the zoo, that clearly say YOU ARE HERE.


Rose lives with her stepmother, Evelyn. Her father died when she was younger. And one day Rose wakes up and she's a totally different person. She is all happy and wanting to make friends at school. Have parties, not afraid of dogs any more and plays with the neighbors Dobie's. And I find it strange that most of the kids at school just go along with it. Yeah, some have questions but still.

The book is really good but just so bizarre and you want to find out what the freak is going on! who is Rose? What happened to her and why are there so many references to Snow White?

Let me tell you, it's really not what your thinking.

Who is Rose, Clara, Cora?

When she does find out, it's just totally weird. There are a lot of weird things in the book. But I liked it, even though I'm not too sure about a couple of things but I pretty much get most of it.

And it was so different reading a young adult science fiction book that's not heavy on the syfy and I sit wondering, is this for real?

It's just one of those books your going to have to read for yourself because it's out there in a way that you just have to find out. There is no big huge reveal so if your thinking there is some massive thing going to happen, DON'T. It's just a really good, short book with a little freaky deaky added in! 





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  1. Ohh great review Melissa now I am really intrigued about this book even more after reading your review. I haven't read any books that are weird but I would like too check some out and see if I like books like that or not. Thank you for the awesome post.