Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Infinite Risk by Ann Aguirre

In a world of infinite risk, the stakes have never been so high.

Beyond the pull of life and death lies the Immortal game. Edie Kramer has leaped back to put things right and save the boy she loves. Alone in the wrong timestream, she must reinvent herself and square off against dangerous Immortals determined to win this mortal match once and for all.

But righting past wrongs carries fresh dangers. As she navigates a new school and tries to put Kian on a different path, she also battles those will stop at nothing to keep her from derailing their deadly schemes. With few allies and her first love treating her like a stranger, Edie faces the most dangerous enemy of all―time itself. Yet she's come a long way from that dark night on the bridge, and when her back's to the wall, she'll go down fighting...

The conclusion of New York Times-bestselling author Ann Aguirre's Immortal Game trilogy is thrilling and unforgettable @goodreads



Well that was a pretty damn good ending!

So this is NOT a spoiler because you can guess by the blurb on the book that Edie travels back in time to try to set things right. So, every bad person that was killed or good people that died are all alive again in this book.

Edie is going to the same school Kian went to before the shite hit the fan and he became immortal and all of that jazz. She's going to try to help him and change the future. But being in school again is not so fun, although she does meet some really cool people and helps Kian so I reckon it's all good

By third period, everyone was calling me Nine. Which was weird, but I figured it was because of my hand, until I heard some guy say, "She's totally a nine, all good except for that missing finger. How do you think--"

His friend covered the dude's mouth when he realized I could hear. I raised my brow."The answer is, obviously, that I crammed it up somebody's ass so far that it broke off. Probably because he was objectifying me, but I forget."

Hehe, I liked that one!

Edie sort of makes Kian be her friend and gets him out of his funk and turns him into a person that has friends etc.

But, then the old immortals and such start to find her slowly but surely and want her dead again for trying to mess things up. Or they want her on their side again and blah and so forth. They can get so droll sometimes. :-D

Harbinger is back of course because they are bonded. They have this weird relationship, he's evil, but he was made to be that way by humans. He's very fond of Edie and well I just love it. I can't even say without giving out spoilers.


I love the Harbinger btw!

And ole Buzzkill is back trying to kill Edie again. I liked it better when they were on each others side for a bit. But he's still creepy and sarcastic. And Edie, Buzzkill and Harbinger have to duke it out.

"Funny how much trouble your pet gets into," Buzzkill observed. "Though from where I'm standing, you two sure play some twisted games. Jesus. And I thought I was messed up."

His arrival meant all manner of terrible things, but I still choked the urge to laugh. The killer clown had always struck me that way, all carnage and inappropriate humor. Honestly speaking, he'd made an awesome ally when I could trust him not to murder me in the most gruesome manner possible. I froze, sensing that this encounter wouldn't stop at clever repartee.

The Harbinger morphed into the appearance I'd grown accustomed to, when he wasn't pretending to be someone else. At this point, I had been exposed to his aura so much that I only shuddered in discomfort. Or maybe it ws more that his strength had been so depleted fighting into that warded warehouse that he didn't have the juice for a powerful display.

"You have an unprecedented fascination in my business," the Harbinger said.

Needless to say a fight ensues after that. . ..

I really enjoyed this last book in the trilogy. The ending was wonderful on two different levels. Edie ends up living in two different worlds but I can't tell what or why. It was just pretty awesome! 





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