Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Friday, October 21, 2016

Red As Blood And White As Bone by Theodora Goss ~ Tor Short Free at Tor.com

Red as Blood and White as Bone by Theodora Goss is a dark fantasy about a kitchen girl obsessed with fairy tales, who upon discovering a ragged woman outside the castle during a storm, takes her in--certain she’s a princess in disguise. @goodreads 



This was a lovely story! OMG! Okay, honestly I wasn't happy with the situation but it all came out in the end sort of . . .

Klara was given to the sister of St. Margarete when she was young. Her mother had died and her father didn't know what to do with a newborn baby. One day when she was a little older a man told her about fairy tales and gave her a book. From then on she loved fairy tales.

When she was 12 she was sent to train as a servant to Baron Orso Kalman. Klara didn't have it too good there in my opinion but those were the days. One night Klara found a woman on the doorstep. She was naked and had long beautiful black hair that covered her like a cloak. Klara just knew that she was a princess and wanted to help her. Klara's princess worked with her in the kitchens for a while until they had a big ball. Then things take a turn (for the better if you ask me). I can't tell you what happens but it was awesome.

I was sad at what happened near the end.

Later on Klara left and went on to do other things, but she never forgot her fairy tales.





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