Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Revival ~ Volume Two: Live Like You Mean It by Tim Seeley & Mike Norton

For one day in rural central Wisconsin, the dead came back to life. Now, the living and the recently-returned struggle to maintain a sense of normalcy, amidst political and religious conflicts.

Collects REVIVAL #6-11. @goodreads



I'm still loving this graphic novel series even though I'm only on Volume 2. I think they are bizarre and different. I don't understand them sometimes the way they go back and forth, but they are just awesome.

I love the art and I think it really reels me in because it's a horror novel that takes place while it's snowing. Lol! I love the Winter. Hopefully if these continue on beyond the Winter I will still love them!

Dana, who is a cop is still trying to find out who killed her sister Martha. Martha is a Reviver, bodies that come back to life. But, they don't act like normal zombies, okay well some go off their nut and do crazy things but they mostly walk around and do whatever.

Cooper is Dana's little boy and he saw this white ghostly looking thing in the woods one day. I still haven't found out what this thing is but Cooper is trying to make friends with it by sharing his toys


Then we find out some whackadoos are cutting up the revivers and selling their parts. Like seriously, there just always has to be some twats. But, they get found out when one of their trucks gets in a wreck and parts and shrewn <-- (is that a word?) far and wide.


There are all kinds of things going on but I'm not talking about all of that, you can get the book! Plus, like I have said a million times, I don't do great comic reviews.

So, Cooper ends up in the shack of the said body part snatchers. It turns into a cluster and Martha gets her freak on and saves the day, along with the white ghost thing.



Like I said, I'm really loving this series so far and can't wait until I get the rest of them!





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