Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Secret Language of Dogs by Victoria Stilwell

World-renowned trainer and star of Animal Planet's It's Me or the Dog Victoria Stilwell reveals the secret language of dogs, allowing owners to recognize what their dogs are trying to say, then effectively communicate and change their dogs' behavior for a better-behaved and happier pooch.
Victoria Stilwell is a well-loved and trusted name in America's pet media, winning over audiences with her SuperNanny-like British mannerisms on her Animal Planet show, It's Me or the Dog. In this book, Stilwell uses the latest research on canine language and behavior to reveal what your dog is really thinking--and saying--through its body language, expressions, and actions. Unlike other guides to understanding how dogs think, Stilwell takes it a step further, providing training tips for changing your dog's behavior--as well as tips on communicating back to your dog. Filled with adorable full-color photographs and instructive line drawings, this insightful guide will make you a bona fide "dog whisperer." @goodreads



I don't know if any of you ever watched Victoria Stilwell on Animal Planet's "It's Me Or The Dog" but I did and I loved it.


This book is not about training but about a how a dog works. There are different chapters with sections in them. I have to say my favorite one was the Zoomies! =) This happens when your dog is full of energy and needs to burn it off, or my favorite is the after bath "thank God it's over" zoomies.


Unfortunately, my Lucy doesn't get zoom after her bath because the front yard is just woods and mud and mulch, so, NO. And there is only one section of carpet in our bedroom area. She does a good bit of bouncing around on the tile in the kitchen and the carpet though and then this ↓


There are many sections in this book under each chapter as I have mentioned. But, Chapter 3 - The Emotional Dog is a very good one. It tells all about different emotions like anxiety, jealousy etc.


Dogs can suffer from emotional problems similar to those of people, such as anxiety, depression, fears and phobias, anger, obsessions, compulsions, and a broad range of stress-related problems. Canine emotion, however, is not complicated by irrational or rational thought. Human emotions are more complex because they have a greater capacity for imagining scenarios that sustain or exacerbate a negative emotion. We might think someone is talking about us when in reality the person might not have thought about us at all. Our minds do a great deal of story building that takes a toll on our emotions, whereas canine emotion is more like a young child's: raw, simple, and truthful. Dogs in a multidog household, for example, might fight one minute and then be best friends the next; the fight has been forgotten and the dogs move on.

The Chapters in the book are:

1) The Loving Dog
2) The Thinking Dog
3) The Emotional Dog
4) The Sensing Dog

5) Lateral Language
6) The Language of Socialization
7) The Language of Fear
8) The Language of Aggression
9) The Language of Vocalization
10) The Language of Pain
11) The Language of Aging
12) Strange Behavior Explained
13) How to Speak Dog

I thought there were some really interested things in this book about doggers. I would never know unless I really researched.

*I got a print copy of this book through the BloggingForBooks program*

And why wouldn't I ~ I LOVE DOGS ♥





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