Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Black Beast by Nenia Campbell

She walks the line between the hunter and the hunted.

Vampires want her blood.

Witches consider her less-than-human.

Slayers simply want her dead.

As if being in high school wasn't hard enough, Catherine Pierce has to deal with a whole other set of problems that arise from being a shifter that hasn't settled. Because after puberty, shifters are supposed to stop changing--and Catherine, well, hasn't.

Even among her own kind, Catherine is regarded as a freak.

To make matters worse, she'd caught the attention of the witches' Council because they think she's been dabbling in dark magic because of a stupid old book that popped up at her work. And she's been having nightmares about a terrifying man who calls himself the Shadow Thane and plans to end the world in a burst of darkness and dragon fire.

Just in case that wasn't enough, a branch of Slayers are infiltrating Catherine's town, under the guise of a community youth group called Sterling Rep.

Times are changing and that means, for Catherine, it's time to Change. @goodreads



I really enjoyed this book. I loved the character Catherine Pierce. She's snarky, some more snarky, and she's a shape-shifter. I found out at the end of the book that she is also a little bit of something else but I'm keeping that to myself.

Catherine is being tracked down by a witch named Finn because something is weird in the books. All Otherkind are supposed to be in the book, but there is nothing about Catherine. So Finn has his fiance, who is a witch and in one of Catherine's classes at school, keep an eye on her.

Finn tries to catch her himself one night while she was in the form of a red-tailed hawk. She's not supposed to be shifting at will among all of the other things.


Finn also finds a book she shouldn't have on her person. Catherine didn't know this book was something special, she works at a bookstore for craps sake! But he thinks she trying black magic. Men!

There is also another weirdo creeping around asking about the book. Of course Catherine isn't going to give it to him now since she knows something is weird when she almost got caught by Finn!

Then we have Catherine's long time best friend (but they had a falling out) David pairing up in class and they soon become friends again. I thought it was cool because they broke into the school together to save some insects. I mean what's a shape-shifter to do.

It was a little comical moment there when Catherine turned into an ant to get into the school building. Apparently you get the ideas of whatever you change into and all Catherine ant could think about was finding the sweet to take back to the Queen =)

"I lost myself to the ant. It really wanted to bring you a piece of candy it found on the ground."
"On the ground?" He made a face at his sneakers. "Why?"
"I guess it thought you were the queen of the hive or something. I don't know."

Now that's funny.

The book is not really long but I enjoyed it anyway. Catherine is a really fun character and I would like to read more of this series! 





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