Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Kill The Boy Band by Colby Moldavsky

Just know from the start that it wasn’t supposed to go like this. All we wanted was to get near them. That’s why we got a room in the hotel where they were staying.

We were not planning to kidnap one of them. Especially not the most useless one. But we had him—his room key, his cell phone, and his secrets.

We were not planning on what happened next.

We swear.

From thrilling new talent Goldy Moldavsky comes a pitch-black, hilarious take on fandom and the badass girls who have the power to make—or break—the people we call “celebrities.” @goodreads



People have called me crazy.
It's understandable; fangirls get a bad rap all the time. They say we're weird, hysterical, obsessed, certifiable. But those people don't understand. Just because I love something a lot doesn't mean I'm crazy. And I did love The Ruperts a lot. I loved them more than soft-serve vanilla ice cream in summer, more than seeing a new review of my fanfics, more than discovering a good '80s movie I'd never seen before.
Just because I was a Ruperts fangirl does not mean I was crazy.
I think it's important that you know that up front. Because everything I'm about to tell you is going to seem . . . well, crazy.

Wow, okay. So four girls go on a trip to see their favorite band, The Ruperts. One of the girls gets her maid to get them into the same hotel and get a room for them. Don't ask, read the book.

You have Erin, Isabel, Apple and Lydia <--- now she keeps changing her name through-out the book but I think I got the one little part where someone called her Lydia. Don't quote me on that one!

I can't say nothing about fangirling because I was a nut over bands and actors all through childhood and, um . . . still am. (DON'T JUDGE ME!) =)

This book is the crazy kind of fangirling in the above picture ↑ I never did any of that, didn't like crowds.

Other people may have seen fangirls as crazy teenage girls obsessed with a fad, but they couldn't understand the small but important joy you can get from indulging in these fandoms. They didn't understand that a new gif of Rupert K. grinning at you could be the difference between a crap day and a beautiful one. They didn't get the friendships that formed, the community of people who shared your same joy. Maybe it obsession, but it was also happiness; an escape from the suckiness of everyday life. And when you find something that makes you happy and giddy and excited every day, us fangirls know the truth that everyone else seems to have forgotten: You hold on to that joy tenaciously, for as long as you can. Because it's rare to get excited about anything these days. Ask your parents.
I have to agree with that statement. I don't get excited very often and if something makes you happy then go for it. How about when we open a box with a new book that we have wanted forever and we fangirl or boy around for a bit =) Same difference!

BUT, things in this book go a little bit off the rails. Okay so a lot of the rails. I wasn't sure this would be the type of book I would like but I did because it's just different and macabre.

Here we have The Ruperts, they are called that because there are 4 boys in the band with the first names of Rupert. I'm not going into all of that but it's funny as hell. There are a lot of parts in the book that I got a great laugh out of and then . . .

these people got all evil and crazy up in here. Geez, how can I say anything without giving out some really good spoilers? I won't though. Lets just say there is a murder in the book and YES, I know it's called Kill The Boy Band! lol

There is one part that I can understand, something happens to one of the girls and it's more like a revenge thing. Now there was no plan to kill anyone but you know how things happen and there you go. What's even more messed up is I had a plan of getting rid of the body that someone did try to accomplish but they were stupid and did it all wrong.

Anyway, if you want to read a book that is full of fangirls, crazy girls, murder, and a little more craziness then this book is for you!






  1. Great review! This one looks really good and definitely up my alley. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  2. I'm listening to the audiobook right now and I'm liking the dark sense of humor quite a bit! Great review!

    1. That is awesome Lauren! I would love to listen to it on audio. I'm glad your enjoying it. It's really good! :-) And thank you!