Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Ink and Bone by Lisa Unger

An instant page-turner (Lisa Gardner) that straddles the line between thriller and horror...sure to appeal to a wide range of readers, including Stephen King fans. (Booklist, starred) A young woman's mysterious gift forces her into the middle of a dangerous investigation of a little girl's disappearance.

Twenty-year-old Finley Montgomery is rarely alone. Visited by people whom others can’t see and haunted by prophetic dreams, she has never been able to control or understand the things that happen to her. When Finley’s abilities start to become too strong for her to handle – and even the roar of her motorcycle or another dazzling tattoo can’t drown out the voices – she turns to the only person she knows who can help her: her grandmother Eloise Montgomery, a renowned psychic living in The Hollows, New York.

Merri Gleason is a woman at the end of her tether after a ten-month-long search for her missing daughter, Abbey. With almost every hope exhausted, she resorts to hiring Jones Cooper, a detective who sometimes works with psychic Eloise Montgomery. Merri’s not a believer, but she’s just desperate enough to go down that road, praying that she’s not too late. Time, she knows, is running out.

As a harsh white winter moves into The Hollows, Finley and Eloise are drawn into the investigation, which proves to have much more at stake than even the fate of a missing girl. As Finley digs deeper into the town and its endless layers, she is forced to examine the past, even as she tries to look into the future. Only one thing is clear: The Hollows gets what it wants, no matter what. @goodreads 




******SOME SPOILERS******

Abbey Gleason is taken after a savage attack while hiking with her father and brother. Where is she? Who has her? Is she still alive?

Finley Montgomery moves in with her grandmother, Eloise. Finley goes to college and Eloise helps her to understand the ghosts that come to her and with her dreams of events that have occurred. Eloise is a psychic and works with the police department at times.

Finley keeps hearing this sound in her head and she has to fight to get it out. It's connected to things that are not so good in The Hollows where they live. There is evil in The Hollows.

Merri and Wolf Gleason are the parents of Abbey and her brother Jackson. Merri wants to try to hire a detective one last time to find Abbey. It seems everyone has given up hope after 10 long months. Merri wants detective Jones Cooper and psychic Eloise Montgomery on the case. Eloise decides that Finley needs to do this case and with trepidation, she does.

This is a hard one for Finley. She hasn't done anything like this before and the things she sees has her crazy with worry. She wants to find Abbey, but what she and Jones eventually find is worse than what they could have ever imagined.


Finley finds a lot of ghosts in those woods. But will she find Abbey?

I really enjoyed this book! I was on the edge of my seat many times yelling "Go, Go, Go! Hurry."

It was a tough and sad revelation all around. There was a twist that I should have seen, don't they always do that? When they find out the whole story though, it's just so very sad. But don't let that stop you. If you want to read a great murder/mystery/thriller, give this book a try. It's all that and a little bit more.





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