Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Dead Souls by J. Lincoln Fenn

From the award-winning author of the acclaimed novel Poe comes an edgy, witty, and bone-chilling novel about a woman who unwittingly agrees to complete one favor for the devil himself at the risk of her immortal soul.

When Fiona Quinn is approached in a bar by a man who calls himself Scratch and claims he’s the devil, she figures it’s just some kind of post-modern ironic pickup line. Fiona doesn’t believe in anything of the paranormal sort. A few drinks in, Scratch offers one wish in exchange for her immortal soul. Fiona’s been wondering if her boyfriend is having an affair, so why not, invisibility would be a good way to find out—hypothetically, of course. It can be done, but there’s only one other small detail—at some point in time, he’ll call in a favor. Whatever it is, Fiona has to do it—and do it well—otherwise she’s his for all eternity. Fiona finds the whole thing so hilarious that she agrees and they shake on it. Bad idea.

Not only does Fiona soon discover that she really was talking to the devil incarnate, but she’s now become a “dead soul”—those who have exchanged their souls on a whim, and must spend their waking hours in mortal terror of that favor eventually being called in...

With Fenn’s “wicked raw and proudly untamed” talent (Bloody-Disgusting.com), Dead Souls is a terrifying and witty venture to the dark side that will haunt you long after you’ve turned the last page.@goodreads 



My friend Shelly starts her review off with, the devil walks into a bar :-D Mine is a little different but the same idea ;-)


So, an atheist walks into a bar . . . <---I think we all love the chance to use that opening. Well, us nuts at any rate!

But she really does, Fiona stumbles into a bar one night in her night clothes and no shoes. She thinks her husband is cheating on her and she just wigs out and wanders off. I bet she wished she stayed home.

Fiona meets Scratch and he tells her he is the Devil. Really? Actually if you're ever in a bar and someone says they are the devil, just get up and leave, do not pass go. Trust me!

So Scratch and Fiona sit and talk for hours and Fiona gets drunk. I mean obviously the devil doesn't get drunk. He offers Fiona anything for her soul. Fiona thinks since she doesn't believe in anything that it will be just fine to go along with the joke. Bwhahaha! Fiona decides she will sell her soul to be invisible when she wants. And she wakes up the next morning at home and in a shite storm.

Now there is a group of people that Fiona meets and I can't remember all of their names but the leaders name is Alejandro. They are in a tribe called the dead souls. They have all sold their souls to the devil for something or other. Mostly it's stupid crap, but I guess if your stupid enough to sell your soul, your stupid enough to make stupid wishes.

Everyone in the group is freaking out because they are just waiting for their ticket to be called in a sense. If you don't do the favor the devil asks of you, well your in for a world of hurt.

And let me tell you, when the devil starts to slowly call in everyone's ticket, there are some macabre stuff going on. Well, it is the devil! And all of this is going on at Christmas so he has to bring in a Christmas theme! But it's not, uggg I can't say without giving a spoiler so lets move on.

I will never look at ornaments on the Christmas tree in the same way again! When mom is putting them up this year (because that's her thing) and I'm watching, I'm going to be thinking about certain ornaments that I can't get over in this book! OMG! You all have to read this book if you like horror stuff, I'm telling you.

There's not a big climatic ending, there's just a simple little wrap up. Uh, as simple as you can get with the devil involved!

All in all I thought it was a good book. I wish I could tell more but I might end up slipping in some spoilers and I don't want to do that. I want you to walk into this horror story fresh and ready to go!

*I would like to thank Netgalley and Gallery books for a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.* 





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