Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Sunday, March 29, 2015

After divorcing her husband and moving to Arizona, Nancy is eager to build a brand new life for herself-but it's not until she meets Tim that she feels like she has a second chance at romance. He's boyish and fun, twenty years old to her thirty-two, and she feels herself blossom under his affection.

Even more unexpected is the development of a meaningful friendship with his mother, Lynda, who Nancy is drawn to from the start. They listen to each other without judgment, share their deepest secrets, and quickly become the best of friends.

Nancy soon learns that Lynda suffers from chronic pain due to old horseback injuries, however, and she's in a near-constant state of suffering. Relying on prescription drugs to get by, Lynda begins to lose hope that her condition will ever improve, as the pain becomes more and more unbearable.

But when life no longer feels like it's worth living, who has the right to say when enough is enough? "Nothing for Tomorrow" explores this controversial issue through a story of life-renewing romance, long-lasting friendship, and the everyday assumptions we make about life and death. @goodreads



Read on March 29, 2015

This was a FIRST READS/GOODREADS giveaway and I would like to thank the author for the opportunity to read the book.

I'm at such a loss for words after the ending of this book. It is so sad what some people have to go through, what can't seem to be done to help others. I just don't understand how someone in this country could be pushed to do what they have to do because there is no help. I'm not going to list any spoilers about the end of this book. I will just say it broke my heart for all involved.

I loved the camaraderie between Nancy and Lynda! They were hilarious together. Another one of those, I wish I had a friend like that, and they didn't even meet from childhood. There were a little older. Nancy was in her 30's and started dating Lynda's 20 year old son Todd.

No, that didn't last of course, but Nancy and Lynda lasted for many years through ups and downs. They had a good time with Nancy's daughter Robin, who is another great character. I would love to hear about her as an adult today :)

Nancy finally meets the man of her dreams and it all falls into place eventually.

I really loved reading the story of these two women. I still feel sad over how things ended. I can only imagine how Nancy felt. A very heart-felt journey. 4 Stars

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