Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Monday, March 9, 2015

Through the Eyes of Ernest: A Memoir to Honor Elephants

Ernest is an elephant, one of thousands of elephants kept in zoos and circuses for the amusement of humans. Throughout the day, humans stare at him and make silly faces. At night, he's confined to a tiny enclosure.

Born in captivity, Ernest has no idea about life in the wild, where close-knit families of elephants live as long as humans-presuming humans let them. His first elephant friend, wild born Frankie, tells Ernest all about the pleasures of living wild, and the family he misses so much.

When humans send Ernest to the circus to perform, he meets other wild born elephants, including wise old Mary and majestic, motherly Eve. Ernest learns more about what he's been denied even as he discovers the rigorous, sometimes brutal world of circus training.

A somber but ultimately hopeful tale told from an elephant's point of view, "Through the Eyes of Ernest "asks us to consider why we keep such intelligent, social animals in captivity.



Read from August 30 to September 09, 2014

This book had me in tears! Of course hearing the fate of any animal has me in tears, but the horrible things done to captive elephants is so disgusting I can't even put it into words.

I bought this book because of a Elephant Warrior group I am in on FB and the owner of the group suggested it. I am so glad she did or I might not have found it. All of the proceeds from this book is going to elephant charities, etc. She lists several at the end of the book which I'm already a member of two of them.

This book is written through the eyes of the elephant. I can't believe how good this was in that context. It brought the emotions from the elephants point of view. It's not some silly thing a person might think an animal is feeling. There are so many things elephants show toward their families and things done to them you can see and feel in their eyes. That is what made this book so remarkably beautiful and sad at the same time. You can hear them screaming and crying when they are beaten just like any other animal, but in this book you can actually hear them asking why is this happening, what did I do?

It's so sad but so wonderful at the same time. There are a lot of good things at the end. She thanked The Elephant Sanctuary here in TN in her acknowledgments and seeing how the elephants came together in a place just like the Sanctuary is so bitter sweet.

I recommend this to any and all animal lovers that have a wonderful heart and want to help all creatures!

This book will make you cry your eyes out! 5 Stars!

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