Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Friday, March 20, 2015

Seven thousand meters below the ocean’s surface, the crew of the BathyTech 3 mineral mining facility has found something remarkable: a rock-like sphere of unknown material and origin.

For Mo Rees, the discovery calls to his inner explorer and adds color to his dull miner’s life. Even better than the promise of new knowledge is the unexpected connection he forges with Dr. Armin Savage-Hall, leader of the team brought down to study the thing.

For Armin, the object is the find of a lifetime. It could prove his controversial theories and secure his scientific reputation. And Mo is a fascinating bonus.

Then crew members start behaving strangely. Worse, they start to change: their eyes glow purple, their teeth sharpen. Then the violence begins, the brutal deaths. As BathyTech descends deeper into chaos, the surviving crew works desperately to find the cause of the horrors around them. What they uncover could annihilate the human race. And they can’t stop it.



I would like to thank Netgalley and the Publisher for giving me the opportunity to read this book.

I have never read anything from this author before. I thought the picture on the front of the book looked really creepy and the synopsis sounded even creepier.

I think anything at the bottom of the ocean would freak me out anyway, but throw in some weird contagion changing people and that would just make it complete!

I wasn't too sure about the book at first because it seemed like the love interest portion was taking over most of the beginning of the book. I realized why all of this happens at the end.

I must say this was one wild ride. The idea the author had for this book is really cool and I would love to see this have a sequel!

There is not too much I can say without giving out spoilers so I'm just going to say if you love books under water that contain some kind of horror to it that leads to a whole new world then you will love this book.

I'm going to look for more from this author for sure! 4 Stars

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