Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Around the world humans are hallucinating after sleepless nights.

In a sterile, underground institute the forecasters keep reporting the same events.

And in the backwoods of Texas, a sixteen-year-old girl is about to be caught up in a fierce, ethereal battle.

Meet Roya Stark. She drowns every night in her dreams, spends her hours reading classic literature to avoid her family’s ridicule, and is prone to premonitions—which are becoming more frequent. And now her dreams are filled with strangers offering to reveal what she has always wanted to know: Who is she? That’s the question that haunts her, and she's about to find out. But will Roya live to regret learning the truth?



Read from March 06 to 09, 2015

First off I was going to get this book free from the author through one of my book groups until I told her I have it on kindle unlimited. Someone else could take the free one. So here is my review for this sweet author :-)

I'm not too much into time travel but this book is about the Lucidites, which are Dream Travelers! I think this would be awesome as long as you could control it all and some jerk couldn't mess with you. On that note....

Here is this bad guy named Zhuang that gets in a persons dream to give them nightmares and basically steal their life in one way or another.

Roya is recruited with a bunch of other Lucidites to see who will go up against him to try to kill him. She is the one chosen but she has a group of people helping.

I loved all of the training scenes. Love that kind of stuff. I love all of the talismans and animals that help as well.

I'm up in the air with the love triangle. I like both guys. Sigh.

They fight Zhuang but not sure if he is dead. They lose one of their own.

This book was really good with some unusual things that are original and cool. I look forward to the next book. 4 Stars

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