Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Sunday, March 29, 2015

They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. But sometimes, under extreme circumstances, it's exactly that which kills you that makes you stronger. And faster. And a member to a new, elite race of zombies.

Armed with a current address for his biological grandfather and a slightly unusual, yet loyal best friend, Doyle Hawthorne sets out to discover the truth about his past. But answers don't come easily, and the closer Doyle arrives to his destination, the more confusing things become. Disturbing alterations to his physical appearance as well as to his personality flicker on and off as Doyle searches for a logical explanation.

Despite the increasing severity of these uncontrolled flare-ups, Doyle is determined to keep his first date with Addy - a beautiful, young woman he has met upon his arrival into town. After narrowly subduing his raging impulses, Doyle quickly decides not even death itself can keep him from her. Unfortunately, he is about to test that theory.

Once initiated, nothing can alter the process of shading - the term given to the three distinct phases of becoming a higher classification of zombie, commonly referred to as "royals". Doyle must learn to control his tendency toward violence as well as his newfound royal powers if there is any chance of protecting those he loves from a mad scientist, the government, the colony of royals, and most importantly... himself. @goodreads



Read from March 09 to 29, 2015

I was given this book by the author for an honest review. That being said, I must admit I know this author, we worked together at the post office when we were some what normal. This in no way, shape or form has biased me toward the book.

I love reading different takes on zombies. This is for sure different. You can still get bitten by the zombies if they are let loose. But this form, even though was originally brought about by the government, can be inherited. Unfortunately for Doyle he inherited this from his family. His grandfather and father had the virus. His mom had him, so forth and so on. The thing about it is, if he stays far away from those that have the virus he won't activate his own and turn into a zombie. Well, we know you can't have a book without all of that happening :)

Doyle was looking through some boxes one day and finds out some information on his family. His adoptive father and mother never told him about any of this. They said his grandfather is crazy etc.

Doyle and his best friend Chuck decide to go on a road trip to find out if is grandfather is still alive. I love the camaraderie between the two. I would love to have had a best friend like that from childhood.

In one of the towns they stay in, Doyle meets this girl named Addy who becomes his love interest. Chuck ends up with one too. I don't want to give up too many more spoilers so I will just say the rest of this story takes you on a ride that is different that you could imagine. I did have moments of thinking of zombies as blue monkeys with large teeth. Lol, but that is just me.

Awesome book! 4 Stars

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