Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Monday, July 6, 2015

Awake by Natasha Preston

Scarlett doesn’t remember anything before the age of five. Her parents say it’s from the trauma of seeing her house burn down, and she accepts the life they’ve created for her without question—until a car accident causes Scarlett to start remembering pieces of an unfamiliar past.

When a new guy moves into town, Scarlett feels an instant spark. But Noah knows the truth of Scarlett’s past, and he’s determined to shield her from it...because Scarlett grew up in a cult called Eternal Light, controlled by her biological parents.

And they want her back. @goodreads



I thought this book was pretty good. For some reason I didn't read the end of the blurb and had no idea this book was headed in the direction it took.

Scarlett meets Noah as the new boy in school. They become instant friends then instantly in love. It seemed weird to me because Noah was a very handsome boy, but also very nice. He never pushed Scarlett to do things that most boys of that age would do. He was always wanting to be with her and reeling her right in. I thought it was weird how he always wanted her to try to remember what happened to her when she was young. Why would he be doing that?

I don't want to give away too much of the book but lets just say there are some freaks in a cult that come into play. A whole lot of crazy happens at one point and a bunch of nuts that want to sacrifice a children from their group at certain times so they can have a more prosperous life. What? The book goes from sweet to wackadoo in no time at all.

Unlike a lot of the bad reviews, I actually enjoyed the book. I think adding in the cult made the book even better. I just kept wanting to know what was going on, I like when a book does that for me. What is going on? Who did it? Excuse me?

I would recommend to those that don't mind, what people are calling, insta-love and crazy cult people.

**I would like to thank NETGALLEY and SOURCEBOOKS for the opportunity to read this ARC.** 

3 stars

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