Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

When criminal investigations take a weird turn, the officers of the Chicago Police Department call in Harry Dresden! A wizard and private investigator with formidable yet unrefined skills, the young Dresden is more than capable of tracking down and facing the perps, whether they be black magic practitioners, blood-hungry werewolves, or worse! This first volume of The Dresden Files Omnibus collects three complete comic book story arcs, including the exclusive-for-comics tale, "Welcome to the Jungle", the adaptations of the universe-defining "Storm Front" and "Fool Moon" novels, plus additional content set within official continuity of Jim Butcher's beloved magic noir universe. @goodreads



I loved this omnibus! The graphics are amazing! There are the three novels that I loved and a little one at the end that was ok.

The first one is Welcome To The Jungle which is one of my favorites. I loved the zoo setting and that Harry had to get the animals off the hook for the killings.

And for the love of Bob :)

I just think he is great! I love how he helps Harry out in the books.

There is a powerful, or she thinks she is powerful, witch up against Harry in this first book. She sends all kinds of things after Harry like this black dog!

 photo Black dog_zpsqvvpcuej.jpg

But... she can't keep Harry down.

The next is Storm Front and this is the first and only Harry book I have read yet! I have to read more! When I read that book I wanted there to be a graphic novel out so I could see Toot Toot and I had no idea there was one out, or the comic anyway. Here he is in all his glory :)

 photo Toot Toot_zpstyezal1s.jpg

I think he is an awesome fairy! There is a lot going on in this book as well. Someone is making people's hearts explode to put it mildly. And once again someone is sending creatures after Harry!

Here he is fighting naked, but it's censored...sooo. Boo!

I loved Fool Moon, I was actually sad about it because I love wolves and werewolves and in this book the one werewolf couldn't control himself. I mean it is what it is right? And he's such a nice guy ordinarily.

Harry makes some wolfy friends in this one :)

Ok, not in that picture obviously. That is good wolf gone bad. He's got Murphy down too!

I think anyone that loves Harry Dresden or just the Dresden Files, should get this book because it is awesome!

5 Stars


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