Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Monday, July 6, 2015

Xoe: Or Vampires, Werewolves, and Demons. Oh My! by Sara C. Roethle

Xoe Meyers had a normal life. So she was stuck going to high school, and she only had a few friends to call her own. She liked her normal life. Things were about to change though, because there's a new guy in her small town, and he is anything but normal. Before Xoe can say, "Werewolf," her best friend's life is in peril, and Xoe's world is turned upside-down. Then, of course, there's Jason. Xoe doesn't trust him as far as she can throw him, and given that he's a vampire, she'd have to be able to catch him first. @goodreads



I freaking loved this book! I can't wait to read more of the books! I hope they are as good as this one!

Xoe and her best friends Lucy, Allison and Brian are all in high school together and share many of the same classes. They hang out all of time and are typical, get on your nerves, teens.

Then there is a new guy named Dan who suddenly appears at lunch one day. He is sitting with Max and staring at the three girls who always have lunch together. He's really creepy and constantly staring at them. Welllll.... Allison is the bold one of the group and goes over and gets him to join their little group. He still acts all creepy but talks some. Allison invites him to go shopping with them and to a movie. As if Xoe isn't mortified enough at having to go shopping, Allison invites the creepy guy.

It just gets creepier from there. I will not give away spoilers!

So, they eventually becomes friends with Max and another new guy named Jason. Now we have this little group of peeps that are having some major issues and trying to get them all figured out while dodging the parents.

I loved it so much! There was just something about it.

Now, can anyone figure out which one is the werewolf, vampire and demon? :)


5 Stars

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