Welcome All Book Lovers

Welcome All Book Lovers

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Girl's Guide to the Apocalypse by Daphne Lamb

Welcome to the Apocalypse. Your forecast includes acid rain, roving gangs and misplaced priorities, in this comedic take on the end of the world as we know it, from debut author Daphne Lamb.

As a self-entitled, self-involved, and ill equipped millennial, Verdell probably wouldn’t have ranked very high on the list of those most likely to survive the end of the world, but here she is anyway. Add in travelling with her work addicted boss, her boyfriend who she has “meh” feelings for, and a handful of others who had no businesses surviving as long as they have, and things aren’t exactly going as planned. But despite threats of cannibalism, infected water supplies, and possibly even mutants, Verdell is willing to put in as little effort as she can get away with to survive. @goodreads



I freaking loved this book!!!!!! It's so hilarious, I was laughing at ever turn. This isn't a book about zombies. It's a book about a virus that kills people, but it's about how to survive in the apocalypse with a lot of crazy people. The most you have to worry about in this apocalypse is other people killing and beheading you, or worse!

The main character is Verdell Sonobe. She works as a data coordinator for Mitchellwide Industries. She has a friend, Tatiana who works there with her. They get split up during the ensuing apocalypse, but find each other again later. She has a boyfriend, Bruce, who isn't all that great. Her boss Robert is nutzy cuckoo! I love it. I just love it. I laughed so much at these people.

The the apocalypse hits and everyone is told to stay indoors, so Verdell is locked up with her boss and some other nuts for a bit of time. Robert still thinks he's in charge and still trying to run the business. He's so out of it and funny!

They finally get hauled out of the place to get taking to a zone but all hell breaks loose and they are running for their lives. It ends up that Verdell is with Bruce, Robert, Priscilla, and Debra. She worked with Priscilla and Debra as well. Debra and her boss Robert are on the crazy train and it's amazing to watch them act this story out.

To make a long story short, they have run ins with cannibals, cults, gangs, nuts in general, they lose and find each other more than you would think. But the commentary in this book with each person and situation is awesome. I love Verdell, she just plays along with all of these nut jobs. Although, you have to be careful what you say to some of them, they might just off you!

The book ends like their might be another one and I certainly hope so :)

**I would like to thank NETGALLEY and BOOKTROPE for giving me the opportunity to read this ARC in exchange for my honest review.**

5 Stars 

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  1. I agree. Very funny take on the end of the world. I linked to your review. http://125pages.com/the-girls-guide-to-the-apocalypse-daphne-lambe/